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    In the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2019, you can breathe in the unique atmosphere of a territory shaped with love and dedication by generations of farmers and winemakers. This enchanting place is a tangible demonstration of the strong bond between people and nature, a history forged through hard work and respect for the land, passed down through the centuries.

    The Prosecco Hills are an invitation to explore the history, culture, and beauty of the landscape, a heritage that speaks with the simplicity of nature and the passion of its people. The vitality of a place is etched in its soul and endures over time. For centuries, the rugged terrain has undergone transformations through unique land management practices. Among these, soil conservation techniques have given rise to refined viticultural practices, especially with the use of Glera grapes to create the acclaimed Prosecco wine.

    Since the 17th century, the art of "ciglioni" - grassy terraces used for cultivation on steep slopes - has shaped the landscape with a fascinating checkerboard pattern, where rows wind parallel and perpendicular along the hillsides. In the 19th century, local farmers introduced a peculiar vine cultivation method called "bellussera," contributing to the unique aesthetic aspect of the region. The mosaic image of the landscape is the result of ancient and contemporary agricultural and environmental practices. Vineyards, cultivated on terraces, coexist with portions of forests, scrublands, hedges, and trees arranged as corridors that connect different habitats. On the heights, small villages are scattered along narrow valleys or stand on the ridges.

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